WiFi Jamming within a minute

What hacker needs?

Most of the windows user uses Kali/Parrot in VM but within VM there is no default wifi interface. So if you are windows user then you have 3 options:

  • Install Kali/Parrot within VM and purchase a wifi USB device as well as connect that device to Kali/Parrot
  • Make a live bootable USB with Kali/Parrot and boot your system with that USB
  • Make a dual boot with windows and Kali/Parrot and boot with Kali/Parrot whenever you want to Jam wifi

WiFi Deauthentication Attack

  • Whenever an user intentionally disconnects wifi from the menu, Connected device sends a DEAUTH packet to the wireless access point. Apart from other fields and DATA, DEAUTH packet contains Source MAC Address and Destination MAC Address field. Source MAC Address contains user’s MAC id and Destination MAC Address contains wifi access point’s MAC id.
FIG: DEAUTH packet structure
  • Whenever this DEAUTH packet has been received by wireless access point (WiFi AP), WiFi AP disconnects the device according to the MAC [source MAC]. There is no validation possible in this communication. Attacker exploits this scenario. Below image will help you to understand the attack scenario:
FIG: Attacker spoof user’s MAC to built spoof DEAUTH packet

Now attacker uses a script that will do following jobs:

  • Script detects all WiFi APs and devices connected to those WiFi APs by MAC address
  • Script creates spoofed DEAUTH packet by spoofing device‚Äôs  MAC and sends to corresponding WiFi AP
  • Once WiFi AP receives the DEAUTH packet, it de-authenticates the device whose MAC address has been spoofed by the script

Video Demonstration

Disclaimer: What we are going to learn is ONLY for educational & research purpose. Any misuse of the content of this video is strictly prohibited. BugTestLab or me will not be accountable for any illegal activities.

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